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Managing Partner

In addition to expertise in requirements engineering and project management, Philipp has a soft spot for optimized user interfaces and design.

He uses the word "nice" at least 10 times a day.

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Managing Partner

As a tech enthusiast, Moritz supports projects primarily in the areas of infrastructure and continuous integration / delivery.

On average, he works simultaneously with 3 laptops and 2 smartphones.

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Software Engineer Frontend

Vlad is enthusiastic about user-friendly web applications and websites and supports here with web design and web development, among other things.

He also sometimes plays Cosmic Encounter until 2am, but mostly until 5am.

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IT Consultant

For the use of Microsoft solutions and the service and support, Fabian works out requirements with the customer and pours them into concepts.

He has also been asking for his own rice cooker in the office for 6 months.

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Software Engineer Backend

Max is an expert in technically high-quality software systems and primarily uses Django and thus Python for his work.

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Software Engineer

Not a snake charmer, but definitely a language master! As a software engineer, Ivan brings complex programs to life and makes them run like a well-oiled machine - thanks to his love for code efficiency and ability to eliminate bugs like he's swatting pesky insects.

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Media Designer

Part artist, part tech wizard, and full-time creative genius! With a keen eye for aesthetics and a knack for making pixels dance, Niklas is the mastermind behind visual delights you see on screens big and small.

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