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The development of an IT system that documents the work steps of individual orders and makes them easy and uncomplicated to view for different project participants at different locations - that was the task for Westcode from SES Sandmann
The challenge
The bicycle wholesaler SES maintains and builds the wheels for a major German logistics and postal service. The process from delivery, processing and completion to the return of the bike cannot be mapped and documented in small enough steps.
Westcode is to develop a fully digital IT system that can be used equally by both sides and prevents „paper chaos“.
The process

1 Working software after two weeks Fire

In order to know the process exactly, we were on site and assessed the entire work step. In a joint workshop we worked out a course of action that would work for both parties.
In parallel, we started to work with the logisitics service on an data exchange interface.

2 Innovation workshops Sparkles to find ideas

The system is designed to receive orders from the post office without much effort or paperwork. It accompanies and supports the employees in the process by creating the documented work order as well as checklists for avoidance sources of error.
There is also a possibility to inform the work steps and results. This information is played back together with the goods to the client, so that the logistics service can now calculate everything and dispatch.

3 Together Raising hands End-to-end thinking

Thanks to everyone involved, the first version was not only made to work before the first completion date, but further optimisations were added on an ongoing basis. In addition to the checklists, newly discovered problems could also be solved quickly and purposefully through open group communication.
The results
Westcode developed a customized prototype that is digitized, documented, minimizes errors and saves time. The interface with our customer and our other internal systems is customized and suitable for all conditions.
With this system, SES Sandmann has fully engaged with the customer and thus ensures reliable cooperation at eye level.
Frank SandmannExecutive Director

"A smart solution from Westcode made it possible for us to facilitate, modernize and qualitatively secure the cooperation with a major customer. This solution sets us apart from the competition."

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