Tool to measure listening skills
The general approach of this project is to demonstrate that listening skills can be acquired and that learning and training opportunities are available for all people interested in improving their ability to communicate and manage relationships.
The challenge
The staff of a telephone counselling service must be able to do one thing above all: Listen. But how good is someone at this? Can that be assessed subjectively? And how can I test it or even practise it? This is exactly what we are trying to find out in the joint research project with
ERASMUS+, the IFOTES association, Heidelberg University Hospital and many other European partners. Our task was to develop a kind of self-test and, at the same time, a training tool that would be and to make it openly accessible to as many people as possible.
The process

1 With 8 partners for better listening Fire

The project was funded for three years. Through the initiative of IFOTES, the Heidelberg University Clinic developed developed a questionnaire that deals with listening skills. The Westcode team then took over the further development.
Westcode got the questions and the possible answers and training tools. From the amount of information they developed a web-based questionnaire that is accessible to everyone, easy to understand, visually appealing, self-explanatory and goal-oriented for all parties to use.

2 Cross-national prototyping remote Globe

The project, which was initially set up with several transnational meetings, was transformed into a remote project by the Corona pandemic.
With the help of digital tools, the prototype could be presented again and again and new feedback could be incorporated.

3 7 languages Raising hands from content to graphics

In addition to the content developed by the partners, the challenge was to be able to easily import these results into the system in all languages. into the system in all languages. For this purpose, Westcode developed a concept that enables content maintenance via table management. In addition, all graphics, labels, help texts, etc. were translated by the partners themselves using a tool.
With the help of the concept, additional languages can easily be added in the future so that even more people can get to know the possibilities of the application. The tool can also be easily embedded in other websites where the complete tool can be used.
The results
In the end, an intuitive tool was developed that provides each person with information about their listening skills or deficits and also offers tailor-made training of listening skills. Either independently or with the help of a trainer with additional practice examples.
Dr. Stefan SchumacherProjektmanager

"Working with Westcode was amazing. As a partner, they are always attentive and confident of the solutions they develop."

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