WEW Hydrogen

WEW GmbH from Dortmund is a startup founded in 2021, which is active in the field of water electrolysis.
The challenge
WEW was looking for a suitable full-service IT provider became aware of Westcode. The entire IT concept had to be developed and the infrastructure then had to be set up.
It started with a workshop to find a suitable operating system, that covers the areas of telephony, (virtual) collaboration, organizational and document structure and IT security (including identity and access).
The process

1 Consulting and conception

Westcode has provided advice and a checklist for all Microsoft products Lean onboarding and offboarding of employees developed, a detailed Cost breakdown and outlook provided showing a possible growing Number of employees taken into account.
Today WEW works self-organized with a defined and individual customized IT process. Westcode accompanies WEW closely and supports in the first and second-level support via a ticket system and regular exchange in Form of an IT half-yearly meeting, among other things with a focus on IT security.

2 Virtual Collaboration

Westcode was able to find a suitable operating system that the areas Telephony, (virtual) collaboration, organizational and Document structure and IT security (including identity and access) covers. With the recommendation for Microsoft 365 was for the individual developed a complete concept.
In addition, Westcode has a checklist for as lean as possible Developed on- and offboarding of employees. At the same time advised Westcode on the costs and has prepared a detailed breakdown. The possible increase in the number of employees was taken into account.

3 Focus on IT security Lock

The WEW company works in a rapidly developing field, which contributes to the interest in internal research data and trade secrets third party stokes. Westcode was able to meet this need for protection through a multi-stage Ensure security concept in connection with Microsoft 365.
All endpoints and disks are managed by default and encrypted. Various document classifications increase the level for specific areas and content.
The results
Today, WEW works with a defined, individually adapted IT Process. The on- and offboarding is through central approaches and good Documentation easy to carry out. In addition, it was with a “Cloud First” Strategy to create fast and nevertheless secure systems.
The computing power of the on-site server is not required. the IT security can be achieved thanks to modern technologies and individual customization be guaranteed. Westcode continues to closely follow WEW, supporting in service and advises in subsequent areas. In addition, the former Strato e-mail system integrated into the new operating system. The startup can now focus entirely on the development of the hydrogen product focus.
WEW Hydrogen GmbHGregor Polcyn

"Thanks to Westcode, we have succeeded in building up our startup in a timely and efficient manner in parallel with the company's ongoing development, also in the internal organization and IT infrastructure. No gray area, no unnecessary expenditure of time and money."

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